Coffee Addict

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Coffee Addict
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Swap, match & brew your way through over 70 levels of frantic, frothy, & caffeinated excitement in this addictive coffee-themed Match 3 game. Match tiles to supply the antsy, on-edge, twitching Coffee Addict his next delicious coffee fix before his drip runs dry and he completely freaks out!

Match coffee beans, bags of grounds, coffee cups, pots and presses (along with assorted breakfast items). Calm his nerves with an Espresso Power Up, reset the board with the Shuffle Power Up or redraw the rules with the Super Drag Power Up, get bonus points for finishing faster and see what happens when the Coffee Addict finally gets his fill!

★ Quick to learn, hard to master.
★ Over 70 fully caffeinated levels.
★ Over 40 different, themed, incredibly challenging board shapes.
★ Match 8 different coffee-themed game pieces.
★ Navigate around, avoid & strategize around 4 special game pieces including BOMBS!
★ Strategically utilize 3 different Power Ups (especially important in later levels).
★ Listen to the hilariously frantic, twitching, talkative Coffee Addict!
★ Watch him freak out if you lose!


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